Internships on the Farm

Organic Farming Internship


Work on an organic Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) family-operated farm. Hands-on experience in sustainable agriculture strategies, crop rotations, drip irrigation, organic pest and weed control strategies, and hoophouse crops. Grow seedlings from seed and transplant into the garden and hoophouse; help harvest and set up for CSA pickups. Help with environmental education events for members of our community, getting tots to grown-ups involved on the farm. Be part of the summer harvest team. Learn the inner workings of CSA and organic farming.


We seek self-motivated, quick learning interns with a green thumb or two. No prior gardening experience necessary.


House in the Woods Farm is an organic farm in Frederick County (Adamstown, Maryland), established in 2000. We run a Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) program, sell to our local natural food co-op, and support the Frederick Food Bank. Our farm is certified organic and uses sustainable farming practices. Our farm is operated by farm owners, Phil and Ilene Freedman. Phil has an electrical engineering degree from The University of Rochester. Ilene has a Masters degree in Environmental Psychology from The University of Michigan School of Natural Resources and Environment.


Typically, summer internships involve 4-12 hours of work per week for the summer, beginning the first week of June. Find out what your credit program requires in number of hours worked. Transportation to the farm is required; public transportation is not accessible.

We have been working with college interns on the farm for over twenty years. We support student interns with a context of how higher education can apply to sustainable agriculture, a wide variety of tasks on the farm, and conversations about current events in agriculture so students can gain a broad perspective on how an organic farm can operate and impact community.


This internship is unpaid, but does include a travel stipend at completion and weekly organic veggies.


Please e-mail your resume to:

Ilene Freedman

You may contact Ilene at 301-461-6575 between 9am-9pm.