We have always farmed organically, since our farm was established in 2000. When the USDA began the National Organic Program in 2002, we became Certified Organic.

We have a mission to provide our community with healthy produce grown on healthy soil. We are committed to growing high quality produce as nature intended–free of synthetic chemicals and sustainable to the land. We employ natural fertilizers, crop rotations and proactive strategies to grow strong plants and prevent diseases and pests, with sustainable stewardship of the land. To grow as nature intended, the soil needs to be a healthy ecosystem, strong enough to fight off bugs and problems. We nurture the soil with rich living soil compost and by growing “green manure” cover crops between crop seasons. We have a rotation design so that a different crop is grown the following season to confuse the bugs and give the ground a rest.

Certification is not always necessary to our CSA, who certify our practices by walking our fields with us, but we are pleased to ensure you that we are certified organic by a third party. Some farms choose not to certify, and in those cases especially, you must certify them with your questions and visits to the farm.

Here are important questions to ask when shopping for a CSA or at a farmer market stand:

Do you grow everything yourself, and if not, do you always label where it came from? Believe it or not, you have to ask this question, even to CSA farmers.
Is your farm Certified Organic? If not, could it be certified, or what changes would that require? Almost organic is not organic, in my book. Spraying a little or only when needed is not nearly organic–synthetic sprays are not part of organic practices, ever.
* If you are able to visit the farm, walk the fields with the farmer. Ask questions.

Supporting local farms supports your community.~~~