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Really, our vision/mission at House in the Woods Farm is to inspire you and your family.

Inspire you to enjoy fresh vegetables, certified organic and grown by people you know, on this land. How cool is that?!? You might be surprised by how vibrant vegetables can be when they are fresh.

Inspire you to touch this land, and be touched by it. Plant a clove of garlic with us, dig a potato from the ground, pick cherry tomatoes with your kids. Kids will eat vegetables when they helped pick them at the farm.

Inspire you to spend an extra few minutes every week to pick some beautiful flowers for your table. A luxury? Indulge, it comes with your share!

Inspire you to learn where and how your food grows. You might learn something new every time you visit the farm, without even trying.

Yes, you are subscribing to a share of our harvest. But your membership includes so much more than our vegetables.

Ilene and Phil
House in the Woods Farm

Below are a list of farm shares that are available this season. When you click on the BUY SHARE link you will go to our profile on Harvie’s website…Harvie is a new software system we are using to make your farm experience easier and more enjoyable. Over the past few years we have given our members the ability to choose what vegetables are in their share as well as postpone vegetable pick-up to a later date. Harvie allows members to do this ONLINE….


Share SizeWhat you getPrice Per WeekBuy Now
Full Share Weekly8 items a week
for 20 weeks
plus bonus *U-Pick crops
$31 per week Buy Now
Full Share Bi-Weekly8 items a week
for 10 weeks
plus bonus *U-Pick crops
$36 per week Buy Now
Half Share Weekly4 items a week for 20 weeks, plus bonus *U-Pick crops$18 per weekBuy Now

*U-Pick crops – u-pick crops are included in your share in addition to your items, examples of u-pick crops are fresh herbs, cherry tomatoes, flowers, snap peas, pole beans